Poor Blood Flow – Blood Circulation Problems and Its Treatments

Poor blood circulation is seen among those who are suffering from different peripheral arterial disease. That is caused when the blood cannot flow properly to and from the heart can, later on, cause severe foot problems.

How can you identify whether or not you have a poor blood circulation?

  1. Cold feet or hands
  2. A pale blue color appears on the skin of the leg
  3. Brittle toenails
  4. Hair loss on your leg and feet
  5. Dry or cracked skin around the feet.

Causes of Poor Blood Flow

Now we will go through the different causes of poor blood flow across the body.

  1. Peripheral artery disease – This is a circulatory problem that happens as the blood vessels narrow down. This reduces the blood flow in the body as the plaque in the arteries or blood vessels makes it tough for the blood to pass through. If left untreated this may eventually cause stroke-like in the case of untreated blood clots. This is generally seen in older people but however due to inappropriate lifestyles changes it is now eminent amongst youngsters as well
  1. Blood clots – These block blood flow either completely or slightly. These can develop anywhere in the body but a blood clot that develops in both the arms or legs can cause the blood to not flow properly in those parts of the body.

This can develop for various reasons and some blood clots can be so severe that they may give rise to stroke. Hence it is recommended to treat the blood clots as soon as you receive any warning signs before it becomes the cause of a much greater problem.

  1. Varicose Veins – These are enlarged veins that occur due to valve failure. The veins increase in size and are often seen at the back of the legs. these damaged veins are not able to transfer the blood as the other veins around the body. Also, some varicose veins can cause blood clots. Developing varicose veins has a genetic factor to it. If any of your predecessors had it, the chances of you having it increase significantly.

Tips to Improve Blood Flow

Some tips to improve blood circulation

  1. Perform aerobic exercises such as swim, walk, run or bike. This will increase the oxygen intake in your body. This will get the blood pumping all over the body, makes the heart stronger and also lowers your blood pressure. Make this a daily routine of almost thirty minutes to one hour per day. You can also use various instruments like the dumbles, treadmill, circulation promoter (dr ho’s products) to help you perform the physical workouts to maintain your body.
  1. Sitting for several hours at a stretch at your workplace is not at all for your body as it obstructs the blood circulation to a great deal. It also weakens the leg muscles and reduces the amount of the blood that flows through your legs. Consider a standing desk or take breaks in between the work, stand up and stretch out a lit bit to flex your muscles before you get back on to your work.
  1. Stay hydrated all the time of the day as more than half of the blood in our body is water, have at least 8 glasses of water a day.
  1. If the blood pressure is is high that can lead to several cardiovascular diseases such as the PAD as described above. Try to keep the blood pressure within the recommended range of 120/80 but consult with your physician about what would be the best reading as per your age and health conditions. This is important as fluctuations in blood pressure do also alter the way it flows around the body.

Final Word

Some of the most important causes of poor blood flow that are most common nowadays and is subject to lifestyle and diet changes have been covered up here. Apart from this following some small tips like avoiding alcohol, cigarettes and other substances of abuse, regular workouts are more than enough to raise the metabolism of the body and normalize the blood circulation.

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