Physiotherapy vs. occupational therapy: Which one do you need? 

Recovering from an injury and illness will require you to undergo either physiotherapy or occupational therapy. Often several people prefer opting for both for better and faster recovery. People have a tough time to find out whether they should opt for physiotherapy or occupational therapy. Also, it is necessary to know which one will be the most beneficial for you. 

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy or physical therapy is PT is often regarded with treating and diagnosing the physical dysfunctions regarding the movement. Recovering from illness and injury will eventually help in enhancing the overall treatment. Experts suggest that physiotherapy is dedicated to enhance the overall quality of life. 

Some of the prominent ways through which physiotherapy can help ease the pain include the following

Boosts optimal mobility, wellness and improving physical activity. 

  • Spreads awareness regarding maintenance of the support system to prevent injury or functional decline
  • Cures acute and chronic disorders and promotes activity limitations
  • Lowers the risk of injury, diseases, and disabilities
  • Boosts physical performance

What is occupational therapy? 

Occupational therapy is one of the main types of healthcare. It contributes towards solving all the problems related to the mobility to move. These eventually contribute towards determining what things are important and whatnot. Through occupational therapy, the day to day activities of a person basically self-care can eventually be improved. 

Experts often recommend undergoing occupational therapy to bring about changes in daily activities such as working, playing, studying and more. An occupational therapist will help you identify the root cause of the problem about what you like to do and what you cannot do. Also, they help you find potential solutions to these problems. 

Whom do you need?

People often have a tough time deciding whether they should choose occupational therapists or physiotherapists. While both of them are helpful, you may either choose one or opt for both for better recovery. 

The physiotherapists’ main area of focus is the injury and eventually help in bringing about the movement of the body. But, the occupational therapist will also help to improve the daily activities and live life independently m 

If you want to improve strength and mobility around one specific part of the body, you may prefer choosing physiotherapy. But, if you want overall recovery, occupational therapy can help to ease it and make life easier for you. Expert physicians at Integral Performance Physio can help you determine whether you should opt for physiotherapy or occupational therapy. 

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