Lymphedema Patients Should Use Compression Garments

Several people are there around the globe is suffering from lymphedema. Lymphedema is a condition in which the fluids which are known as lymphatic fluids get accumulated in different areas or body parts like joints, arms, legs, hands, and other areas. So, there are several people who are lymphedema patients and suffering from the same. One of the best ways in which such patients can stop the lymphatic fluids from getting accumulated in the different parts of the body including stopping the lymphatic fluids from spreading in various body parts is using a compression garment. Besides that, it is important for lymphedema patients to understand the importance of wearing the compression garment as this is the only method through which the swelling of the body parts can be stopped. 

Compression Garments – 

Compression garments for lymphedema have been very helpful for some patients who get frequent swelling in their joints, ankles, feet, and arms. Compression garments are tight garments that stop the collection of lymphatic fluids in various areas of the body. The compression garments are made in such a manner that it forces the fluids i.e. the lymphatic fluids to flow in the right direction in the body, rather than getting accumulated beneath the surface of the skin where there are lymphatic tubes. There are doctors who are still doing research on the use of compression garments and their effectiveness in curing lymphedema. In addition, research is undergoing regarding using the right kind of compression garment that is the right or which will be the best material or fabric for the compression garment. Some doctors are there suggest that the cure of lymphedema can be done using compression garments. 

Compression Garments for Sports Person – 

Compression garments are not some plain kind of garments; there are several different types of compression garments that are available including compression garments for sportspeople and athletes too. Compression garments are also useful in stopping the pain. Compression garments are one such garment that is made of a highly flexible elastic material, which can stretch to any extent. So, in the areas where there is swelling or the collection of fluids, in those areas, the compression garments’ tightness works the best giving out the best results in stopping the fluids from getting accumulated there. And, due to the pressure built up by the compression garments, the fluids easily pass in the right direction in the body. 

Different Types of CG – 

Compression garments (CG) are also known as pressure garments because it creates a certain kind of pressure. Besides that, you can get compression garments in different kinds of materials like wool, latex, and cotton. If you want soft compression, garments then you also get softer compression garments that will not hurt your skin or cause any kind of rashes or redness to occur. You can also get stiff material compression garments. Stiff materials are also good because with the help of the stiff material you can be assured that the fluids move in the right direction in the body and also the material or the fabric that is stiff won’t wear out easily. So, you can use stiff material compression garments for around 5 months easily. 

Early Signs? See a Doctor – 

If you have had cancer or some other disease and you observe the signs of lymphedema then one of the best ways to deal with it is to show it to the doctor. In addition, get the condition of the lymphedema checked so that the doctor can tell whether your lymphedema is in the 1st stage, or 2nd, or 3rd stage, or as the case may be. But in most cases, the doctor will suggest you use compression garments to suppress the lymphatic fluids from getting collected in various parts of the body in the form of swelling. You can also require therapy if it is in stage 2 or 3. 

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