Lips Reduction Surgery: What You Must Learn Before Doing It

Recently lip augmentation surgery has been a trending topic among celebrities. The augmentation procedure is affordable, so youngsters crave to enhance their lip volume. Lip reduction is a less standard procedure performed to lessen the size of your lips. Lip reduction surgery (ศัลยกรรม แก้ ปาก ห้อย, which is the term in Thai) aims to get a proportional volume between the lower and upper lips.

Lip augmentation surgery is not a simple dermatology operation; clients can get infections and scars. But, lip reduction surgery is safe when performed under the guidance of a certified dermatologist.

Side Effects Of Lip Reduction Surgery

Lips are the focal point and dedicated area of your face, so it’s vital to consult with a certified surgeon to perform lip reduction surgery. You may notice common complications in the first few days, like redness, slight swelling, and minor pain.

In rare cases, You may encounter the following:

  • Scarring
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Allergic Reaction
  • Swelling

Key Takeaway Of Lip Reduction Surgery

· The Lip Reduction Procedure Is Efficient

Reduce the size of your lips without compromising your ability to speak, eat, or drink with this simple treatment if you have uneven lips and are unhappy with their size. During lip reduction surgery, many patients desire the operation done in an outpatient setting. It enhances your lips’ natural beauty and gives you a stunning new lip style.

· Lip Reduction Can Aid In The Reduction Of Wrinkles Around The Lips.

Thinner, more symmetrical lips are a common cosmetic surgery request from women. By reducing the size of the lips and reshaping or slightly changing the borders, this surgery can help remove creases around the mouth, giving the impression of full, blooming lips without needing touch-ups or injections. However, a lip reduction can help reduce these lines over time. Reducing the size of your lips can also help you achieve a more cute cupid’s bow shape.

· The Recuperation Period Is Short.

The recovery time from liposuction is relatively quick. You should be able to leave the operating room within a few hours. After surgery, keeping your head up for four to six hours may reduce swelling and discomfort. The surgeon can combine this operation with lip fillers if you want. In this case, you’ll need a ride home after your doctor’s appointment if they recommend you take it easy for the next two weeks.

Bottom Line

If you want to permanently lessen the size of your lips, surgery may be possible for you. You should discuss the risks and costs with your expert surgeon in advance.

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