Is Turkey The Best Choice For Hair Transplantation? A Comprehensive Review

The clinics are equipped with the latest surgical tools and technologies to aid the harvesting and implantation processes. Turkey is also one of the few countries where physicians use high-magnification lenses during procedures to ensure maximum graft survival. Moreover, Turkey closely follows international protocols and standards set by entities like the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery). The clinics maintain high levels of hygiene, use imported surgical materials, and have quality control checks in place. All these factors enable them to provide world-class treatments.

Experienced Hair Transplant Surgeons

The skill and experience of the operating physician are key to the success of any hair restoration procedure. Unlike other medical tourism destinations, Turkey actively recruited top hair transplant doctors from around the world in the 1990s and 2000s. The surgeons are highly qualified professionals who have performed thousands of successful procedures over decades-long careers. They participate in global workshops and training programs to stay updated on the latest techniques and technologies.

Modern Clinics And Technology

Turkey offers purpose-built Hair Transplant in Turkey facilities designed according to global standards. The clinics provide an optimal environment for surgery with specialized OTs, trained support staff, and in-house technicians. Some facilities use robotic technologies to aid in graft harvesting. This results in minimal human intervention for higher precision and accuracy. Other specialized equipment like refrigerated graft storage devices help maintain graft viability outside the body. State-of-the-art clinics also invest heavily in patient comfort features. These include adjustable operation beds, personal entertainment screens, and lounge areas. The focus is on providing 5-star service coupled with advanced treatments.

Availability Of Combined Procedures

  1. Beard/moustache transplants – Allow men with patchy facial hair to attain a fuller appearance.
  2. Eyebrow transplants – For those with over-plucked or naturally sparse brows wanting permanently defined arches.
  3. PRP therapy – Platelet-rich plasma injected into the scalp improves graft uptake and stimulates hair growth.
  4. Mesotherapy – Intra-dermal vitamin and mineral injections boost hair health and thickness.

Lower Eligibility Age

Turkey has more relaxed regulations regarding the minimum age to undergo a hair transplant. Clinics perform surgery on younger individuals from their 20s up to the mid-30s. In contrast, many clinics in the USA and UK only operate on patients once they cross 30 to ensure the individual has fully matured hair loss. Early intervention is key to preventing extensive baldness for patients with genetic hair loss. That’s why having access to surgery at a younger age in Turkey is an advantage.

Availability Of Donor Hair

Turkey’s clinics allow patients with limited or inadequate scalp donor hair to attain better coverage via alternate sources of hair. Body hair from the beard, chest, and arms, is extracted and transplanted. The body hair naturally has a coarser texture versus scalp hair. By using advanced transplantation techniques, natural-looking results are possible. Turkey also permits the use of donor hair from close family members such as siblings or parents. As long as the donor has compatible hair and skin traits, this “family hair” successfully restores hairline and density. The ability to tap into secondary sources of donor hair enables suitable candidates to achieve fuller restores even with limited native scalp grafts.

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