How to Clean Eyelash Extensions Completely and Properly?

So, you’re now wearing eyelash extensions and feeling proud about your eyes which are looking stunning.

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But henceforth you’ll have to take care of those little things and keep them clean. Here are a few tips about how to clean your lash extensions.

No Rubbing or Scrubbing

First thing you’ll have to remember is that rubbing or scrubbing in and near the eye area is a strict no-no as it can harm the delicate skin around the eyes, leading to irritation and premature aging.

Even when you use a cotton ball or eye makeup remover, you have to rub the eyes a lot. Moreover, these items don’t remove the makeup completely.

If after finishing your cleansing routine, you find black spots on your towel, it means that your mascara has not totally been removed.

Beware of Microbes

You should also remember that your eyelashes (natural or extensions) accumulate a huge amount of bacteria, because of the humid and warm environment of your eye itself.

Even your hands carry bacteria and add them to the eye area whenever you touch it several times in a day, whether to scratch an itch or just mess with the lashes.

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How to Remove Eye Makeup Safely?

So, now you may wonder what you can do about it. It’s clear that you have to clean your best eyelash extensions Sydney from Fancy Lash thoroughly.

But you don’t have to worry because special oil-free eye makeup removers are available which you have to use. Even eyelash extension shampoos are available.

Some of these products also come with a brush with activated charcoal because activated charcoal is considered to be anti-microbial and has a property to attract harmful objects that cling to it, and thus clean the lash extensions.

Since these products are totally oil-free, they don’t harm your eyelash extensions. The brush imparts gentle strokes from between every lash and cleans the area without pulling or tearing the lashes.

If the adhesive bond of the lash extensions is damaged, your lash extensions are weakened or removed. You can know about the application process of lash extensions at

The makeup remover or shampoo specially designed for lash extensions cleanse the extensions gently and safely, without tugging or pulling the extensions.

It also keeps the delicate skin around your eyes safe because the cleansing process doesn’t involve rubbing or scrubbing.

Why to Clean Eyebrows?

Just as other hair on your body, eyebrows too produce oil which in turn accumulates if not cleaned regularly. This can further cause acne and even dandruff in your eyebrows.

Eyebrows, just like eyelashes, protect eyes from dust, lint and other foreign particles floating in air, by catching them when they come near eyes.

Sometimes you don’t even see these particles but they go on building up in eyebrows and so, eyebrows should be cleaned regularly.

A brush is an ideal tool to clean eyebrows by distributing shampoo evenly through them.

By keeping your natural eyelashes, lash extensions and eyebrows clean, you can make sure that they don’t harbour bacteria and other dirt, and thus will look better and last longer.

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