E-Cigarettes – Ban The Alternative Smoking Devices In India

India is in the second-highest place for having more numbers of smokers and who are all have been highly affected by wide ranges of health problems. According to the report, India is the biggest market for alternative smoking device industries like the manufacturers of vaping devices, e-cigarettes, and hookahs. Even though the government of India has been established several kinds of rules and regulations for banning cigarettes, the people will not be ready to hear it.

In recent times, the Prime Minister of India has announced to ban the E-cigarettes for saving incredible amounts of people’s life especially youngsters. More and more young people have been addicted to cigarettes that can spoil their entire life and health at smaller age. Stay here and read the below lines for grabbing tips to quit smoking

Sound Against Alternative Smoking Devices 

The main objective of the government of India is to stop alternative smoking devices for preserving the life of young people. According to the recent examine, some of the school students have come under this category. Therefore, immediate action should be required against the production, import/export, storage, manufacturing, sale, advertising and distribution regarding the e-cigarettes.

Recently, the government has announced the punishments of cigarette smokers such as maximum jail term of up to 1 year as well as with the penalty of Rs.1 lakh. The people who are all using the cigarettes and alternative smoking devices have to be punished under this scheme.

What About E-Cigarette?

An E-cigarette is one of the alternative smoking devices that are a non-licensed product in India used by huge numbers of people. In recent times, middle school and high school students have been addicted to e-cigarettes that can produce severe health hazards. The difficulties included in the e-cigarette are minimized than compared with the “normal cigarette”. E-cigarettes can be established for people who are all addicted to smoking. According to the government act, the first time violators have a punishment of one year jail with a penalty of Rs. 1 lakh. As well as people have to emphasise on nicotine patch to quit smoking.

Why Did The E-Cigarettes need To Be Banned? 

Nowadays, the government has planned to ban the e-cigarettes and some other vaping devices for saving the life of children and youngsters. Due to the continuous use of vaping device more and more gets affected by the mysterious lung illness. Bad luck, nearly 78 percent of the school students have been addicted to the e-cigarettes.

According to the report, the doctors also suggested that cancer-causing substances have been nestled in the vaping devices and e-cigarettes.

Impacts Of Inhaling E-Cigarettes 

Some of the people have been started to argue that e-cigs are less harmful than compared with smoking tobacco. However, there are certain kinds of health risks that can be nestled that can greatly affect your mouth and lips. At first, you people need to gather some effective tips for quit smoking or else it will create some difficulties in learning and mood-swings.

Thus, these are all the significant things have been included in the e-cigarettes. Make use of this information and create awareness among society to quit smoking.

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