Dr. Michael Everest Donates Millions To Medical Institutions


Indian American physician and the chair of the Edwin Everest Foundation Michael Everest is helping advance medical education through his foundation. Everest has been sponsoring medical institutions and their research and training programs through the years, allocating millions to ensure their success. The programs that the foundation supports address the world’s most pressing problems in the medical field, according to a report from NBC 2.

A staunch supporter of medical graduates and their advancement, the head of the foundation also funds a number of medical research projects. Many of these projects are more exciting than the next, according to various universities whose programs he supports. In a recent press release published by the foundation, Dr. Everest sent monetary support to the exoskeleton research at the Bronx VA. Spinal injuries are among America’s biggest medical challenges that affect a significant number of the American population, according to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center. These injuries, per the records of the agency, are often caused by violence, surgery, vehicular accidents, falls, and sports accidents. The Edwin Everest Foundation is also among the donors of groundbreaking research in nanotechnology and stem cell technology. 

Chair of the Edwin Everest Foundation, Michael Everest has always been at the forefront of supporting medical institutions and graduates through the Edwin Everest Foundation, a non-profit organization named after his father. Everest says that the older Everest was a firm believer in strengthening medical education by helping international medical graduates. He adds that the foundation’s mission has been among one of the last conversations he and his father had before Edwin Everest passed away in the latter part of 2008. Dr. Edwin Everest is the chair of the Edwin Everest Foundation, the company now run by his son. According to publication India West, the older Everest was a foreign medical graduate who dedicated his life to advance the quality of medical institutions in the United States, the United Kingdom, and in his homeland India. His son Michael followed in his footsteps and later founded the Everest Foundation to support his father’s and his own causes. The Everest Foundation believes that donating to these programs will help “fuel the fire” and that it is through supporting said research projects that improvements and changes will happen. 

Top medical schools benefit from the funds donated by the Everest Foundation. This includes New York Medical School, Northwestern University, University of California-Irvine, University of California Davis, Texas Tech University, the University of Texas, Stanford University, among others. In the year 2013, the foundation donated $500,000 to the Davis School of Medicine Foundation at the University of California. The amount, according to Dr. Michael Everest, will be used for the pathology training of medical graduates from the university. In an interview with India West, Michael Everest says that his donation will go into stipends for medical graduates so they can train in pathology. The foundation, through the $500,000 donation, will support students of Asian and Indian descent as well as other international students. UC-Davis has a huge population of Indian-American students and teachers hence Everest’s decision to fund one of their programs. Everest believes that doctors of the future need to be armed with the proper clinical and academic skills, noting that they need to learn said skills while they are still young. 

The young Everest said in an interview with the University of Southern California that supporting research and training programs for graduates in medicine helps society as a whole. Everest funded the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine’s research program in the same year that the foundation sent a gift to UC-Davis. The medical research fund given to USC supports volunteer postdoctoral trainees. A press release from the foundation says that the gift to Keck School of Medicine will help in training new medical graduates interested in diagnostic medicine and research.


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