Dealing with Back Pain: Treatment and Prevention


Back Pain has become common amongst more than 80 percent of the total population in today’s world has experienced at one point or the other during the entire lifetime. It is seen to be the second most common reason for a visit to a back pain specialist orlando fl amongst all groups all over the world after fever /flu.

Here we will be talking about the treatment options available in case you are suffering from a backache right now and also provide tips on how you can prevent it from recurring in the future.


Generally, the severe back pain does improve with several days of home treatment. The same treatment may not work for all types of pain.

For acute back pain, you can just have the over the counter pain relievers and apply slight heat using hot packets over the area that was paining.

Carry on all the normal activities you perform every day as long as you can. Stop doing tasks that increase the pain and concentrate on the lighter activities more until the treatment is going on or else the treatment will not be productive at all. 

Some of the non-surgical treatments include as 

  • You can opt for narcotic medication or painkillers that change the awareness of pain by making the signal weak that is sent to the brain. Narcotic medications are generally used to cure intense, short-term pain.
  • Some patients do find back braces like Dr. Ho’s 2-in-1 back decompression belt ( to lower the back pain and improve the posture. This heals by keeping off the upper body weight from the lower back and also removes the shrinking of spinal discs and lower back pain.
  • Use muscle relaxants that do reduce the depression on the central nervous system and increase the motility of tense muscles


All sorts of exercises – be it yoga or just normal stretching exercise, all of them do improve the blood circulation and reduce the stress from the body. A gentle few minutes of yoga can help you lose weight and improve your posture therefore both eliminating any chances of suffering from back pain shortly. 

Sitting usually puts more pressure on the spine than when you stand. Therefore stand from time to time and do some light stretching exercises at your workstation itself to remove the stiffness in the muscles reduces the stress from your body. And when you sit, sit at a 135-degree chair that will limit the compression on the spinal discs and therefore again limiting the chances of a backache. 

Apart from all these mentioned above try acupuncture, meditation and design your diet in such a way so that you do not gain weight or glucose levels as both are equally responsible for the ill-fated ache. Another interesting factor that has been found to contribute towards the back pain is your emotion. The more you limit it and b more forgiving and less depressed, the weaker are the pain signals that go to the brain-therefore you will stay healthy both physically and emotionally.


As discussed in the beginning, the rate of patients that get admitted with backache can substantially drop if you can follow the prevention tips described in the article. More than 70 percent of the back pain cases are the manifestation of our current lifestyle although the rest may be due to any unfortunate and unforeseen accidents. Leaving aside those caused due to accidents, the majority of the cases can be solved by changing it accordingly.

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