Cultivation Info for the Famous Wedding Cake Strain

Wedding cake strain is an indica dominant strain resulting from a cross between Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies. It has 60% indica and 40% sativa, making it an excellent choice for people who want to enjoy a relaxing and peaceful Sunday evening at home with friends.

It is a highly potent strain with around 27% THC concentration and 0.1% CBD. The difficulty of growing wedding cake strain is moderate. The flowering period of the wedding cake strain is around eight weeks and can be grown easily indoors and outdoors.

Since it is an indica dominant strain, the plant is very short in height and can be grown in various environments. Today we will be explaining the growth information and tips to grow wedding cake strains.

Grow info of wedding cake strain

The biggest issue faced by growers when growing wedding cake strain is finding the seeds. The cultivators have not shared the growth information. Hence to get a sample of wedding cake strain, you need to get a cutting of a female plant.

Should you grow them indoors or outdoors?

The wedding cake strain plant will be ready for harvest by late September to mid-October. The wedding cake strain plants enjoy a warm and slightly humid climate. Grow the plants in a rich soil medium with enough nutrients. When grown outdoors, growers can get up to 21 oz per plant.

When grown indoors, you can get somewhat between 18 oz to 21 oz per square meter. The plant will enter the flowering stage after 7-9 weeks. The room should have enough humidity, at around 45%.

Tips on growing wedding cake strain

Mentioned below are some tips to help you get good yield while growing wedding cake strain: –

  1. Give the plants consistent nutrients, light, water, and air throughout their life. Any major fluctuations would have adverse effects on the growth cycle of the strain.
  2. Ensure that the pruning, staking, and topping are done during the vegetative stage and not after the plant has entered the flowering stage.
  3. If the plants have to endure stress during the flowering stage, the wedding cake strain will produce seeds instead of flowers.

Final thoughts

This was an overview of growth information for the wedding cake strain.

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