5 Signs That You Need a Root Canal, And A Dentist in Pekin

A Root Canal is one of the most common and widely known dental interventions. In fact, a significant portion of the global population has, at some point in their life, required at least one root canal procedure. But what even is a root canal?

While colloquially the entire dental procedure is referred to as a root canal, the root canal itself is a naturally occurring space within the root of a tooth containing soft tissues like nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue. When this pulp becomes injured or infected, root canal therapy is required for relief. This involves surgically removing the decay, and filling the space with medicated and dentally safe materials. As a skilled dentist in Pekin, IL recommends – this intervention is performed not just for relief from pain, but to avoid losing an entire tooth.

While Root Canals are common, they’re not done just because both the patient and dentist feel like it! There are certain signs and symptoms that help a dentist gauge an actual requirement. As an individual, you too can be on the lookout for such symptoms:

  1. Abscess / Pimple on The Gums

The presence of an abscess or a pimple indicates an infection deep within the tooth’s pulp. These usually form due to the body’s immune system responding to the infection. As such, this symptom is quite a strong clue of something requiring medical attention. 

  1. Increased Sensitivity to Hot and Cold

Heightened sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, particularly when consuming food or beverages, can be indicative of nerve damage within the tooth. As the infection progresses and inflammation worsens, the tooth’s nerves become more sensitive – heightening any potential discomfort.

  1. Severe Toothache and Pain

Persistent or intense toothache and pain are clear indicators of dental distress that should not be ignored. When decay or infection reaches the tooth pulp, it can cause excruciating pain that radiates throughout the affected area.

A benefit of root canals being so common is just how refined of a process they’ve become. However, the skills of the dentist also matter. Their skill, expertise, and focus determine just how much of a painless and comfortable process the entire root canal therapy is. If you feel afflicted by any of the above symptoms, now’s the time to reach out to an expert dentist and book an appointment! 

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