3 Best Ankle Warm-Up Exercises to Prevent Injuries

Your ankles are important joints that need to be taken care of. But, if you don’t warm them up before exercising, you could end up with an ankle injury. In this article, we will discuss the three best ankle warm-up exercises. These exercises will help increase your range of motion and prevent injuries. So, keep reading to know more.

1. Band or Towel Stretch

This is a great exercise to increase your range of motion. All you need is a band or a towel. If you are using a band, loop it around your foot and hold the ends in your hand. If you are using a towel, wrap it around your foot and hold the ends in your hand. Now, pull the band/towel towards you while keeping your leg straight. You should feel a stretch in your ankle. Hold this position for 30 seconds and repeat with the other leg.

2. Do the Alphabet

This is a simple but effective exercise. Sit in a chair with your legs extended in front of you. Slowly trace the alphabet with your foot. Do this for both legs, and make sure to use both feet. This will help increase the range of motion of your ankle joint. Next, write the alphabet in both directions- forwards as well as backward. Once you are done with this, repeat with the other foot.

3. Ankle Inversion

To do this, sit on a chair or on the floor with your legs extended. Next, turn one foot inwards, bending from the ankle. Keep moving your toes inwards until you feel a stretch. Hold the position for ten seconds before moving to the neutral position. Repeat this ten times for each foot. In addition to this, it will also help if you know how long plantar fasciitis last & how to prevent it, as this is a very common cause of heel pain and will help you immensely in taking care of your feet.

To Sum It Up

These are the three best ankle exercises to prevent injuries. Regularly performing these exercises will help increase the range of motion of your ankle joint and reduce the risk of injuries. So, make sure to add them to your workout routine. And if you experience any pain or discomfort while doing these exercises, stop immediately and consult a professional for the athlete’s foot in Marietta to get proper treatment. They will ensure that you recover quickly and safely.

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